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If you have any questions please contact the web master and we are sure that he will immediatley put down his coffee and write you an email in reply. All the most common questions are printed here to save his coffee break from being interupted too often.
  1. Who is this site aimed at?

  2. How do you make you money?

  3. What are non police stations?

  4. How do I know the reps registered on the site are qualified?

  5. Can I trust the distance calculations?
01. Who is this site aimed at? Solicitors know the reps in their own areas but they often need to find qualified police station representatives outside of their own area. If you would like your details to appear on our web site please take a moment to register your contact details on the UK's only national database for accredited police station representatives. Registration is completely free. Every day solicitors up and down the country need to find accredited police station representatives. If you need more business (and lets face it who doesn't) then you should register now! BACK TO TOP OF THE PAGE
02. How do you make you money? At present the site is not for profit. We hope that it will remain a free serivce. All the people involved in writing and maintaining this site are police station representatives. BACK TO TOP OF THE PAGE
03. What are non police stations? The LSC are aware that sometimes interviews happen at places other than the main custody suites. Thats where non police station codes come in. Interviews take place in peoples homes and all sorts of places. Indeed, there are many police stations in the UK which have not been given a claim code by the LSC. At present the LSC are reviewing this position and are considering giving every prison and young offenders institution their own codes. Non police station codes may disappear entirely. BACK TO TOP OF THE PAGE
04. How do I know the reps registered on the site are qualified? We check! But you should take the usual precautions when instructing a police station representative. We can't take any responsibility for shysters and con artists registering on this site. We will do all we can to ensure are members are genuine reps. BACK TO TOP OF THE PAGE
05. Can I trust the distance calculations?They are as accurate as we can get at the present time. The distance calculations are pretty rough and are a guide only. We are grateful to the work of Paul Jenkins who did the maths. If postcode data was available at a reasonable cost our distance calculations would be more accurate. But the postcode database is not free in the UK. Sadly it is too expensive for a small non-profit site like this. The Post Office sells their database. In most countries it is provided free of charge or at a minimal cost. BACK TO TOP OF THE PAGE
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