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Questions to ask the officer


Any statements? Any witnesses? Previous convictions? Has the client made any significant statements? Are you going to make a decision today? Likely outcome? Is the client eligible for a caution? Have they seized their mobile phone? Has the client already been interviewed? When was it reported?


House search? Items recovered? CCTV?


House search? Forensics? CCTV? Property recovered? How long after the burglary were they caught with the property?


Have you tested the drug? House search? Drug test and result? Has their mobile phone been looked at?

Assault- ABH, GBH and Common assault

Injuries? CCTV? Medical evidence?

Indecent images

What has been seized? Has the images been download? Is it category A, B, C ? Movies? Age of the children?


When was it reported? Samples? Recent complaint? CCTV movement? Has an ABE ( Achieving Best Evidence) been done ? Injuries? How have they been raped? How many times? Forensics?

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