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 [[Moving Detainees]]\\ [[Moving Detainees]]\\
 [[ID Cards]]\\ [[ID Cards]]\\
-[[Who owns your Notes?]]\\+[[Police Ranks]]\\ 
 +[[Opening Statements]]\\ 
 +[[Charging for Postage]]\\ 
 +[[Habeus Corpus]]\\
Line 26: Line 29:
 [[Police Station Rates]]\\ [[Police Station Rates]]\\
 [[Police Station Codes]]\\ [[Police Station Codes]]\\
 +[[Attending on Witness]]\\
 ====== Essential Law ====== ====== Essential Law ======
Line 58: Line 63:
 [[Condensed Public Order]]\\ [[Condensed Public Order]]\\
 [[Companies Act]]\\ [[Companies Act]]\\
-[[Theft]]\\  + 
-  ​* ​[[Being found on enclosed premises]]\\ +[[Theft]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[Robbery]]\\ +[[Being found on enclosed premises]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[Burglary]]\\ +[[Robbery]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[Handling stolen goods]]\\ +[[Burglary]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[Going Equipped for Theft]]\\ +[[Handling stolen goods]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[Fraud]]\\ ​+[[Going Equipped for Theft]]\\ 
 [[Criminal Damage]]\\ [[Criminal Damage]]\\
 [[Witness Intimidation]]\\ [[Witness Intimidation]]\\
   * [[Causing death by dangerous driving]]\\   * [[Causing death by dangerous driving]]\\
   * [[Causing death by careless, or inconsiderate,​ driving]]\\   * [[Causing death by careless, or inconsiderate,​ driving]]\\
Line 80: Line 88:
   * [[Paying for Sex]]\\   * [[Paying for Sex]]\\
   * [[Revenge Porn]]\\   * [[Revenge Porn]]\\
 +  * [[Sexual Communication with a Child]]\\
-[[Animal Welfare Act 2006- Unnecessary suffering]]\\ 
 [[Modern Slavery and Human Traffiking]]\\ [[Modern Slavery and Human Traffiking]]\\
 [[Breach of SCPO]]\\ [[Breach of SCPO]]\\
 [[Coercive and Controlling Behaviour]]\\ [[Coercive and Controlling Behaviour]]\\
 [[Fail to Provide Name]]\\ [[Fail to Provide Name]]\\
 +[[Military Law]]
 +  * [[AWOL etc]]\\
 +====== UNUSUAL OFFENCES ======
 +[[Unlawful Eviction of Tenant]]\\
 +[[Animal Welfare Act 2006- Unnecessary suffering]]\\
 +[[Trespass on a Protected Site]]\\
 +====== DEFENCES ======
 +[[Self Defence]]\\
 ====== PACE ====== ====== PACE ======
 [[PACE Code C contents page]]\\ [[PACE Code C contents page]]\\
 +[[Handy Clauses]]\\
 +[[Covid19 Advice]]\\
 [[Code A]] Arrest and Search\\ [[Code A]] Arrest and Search\\
 [[Code B]] Search and Property\\ [[Code B]] Search and Property\\
Line 98: Line 124:
 [[Code H]] Terrorism \\ [[Code H]] Terrorism \\
-====== ​Public Policy ​======+====== ​Misc ======
 [[Domestic Violence]]\\ [[Domestic Violence]]\\
 +[[Who owns your Notes?​]]\\ 
 +[[What Do Magistrates Courts Cost?]]\\ 
 +[[ DBS CHECKS ]]\\
 ====== Resources ====== ====== Resources ======
 [[Useful Links]]\\ [[Useful Links]]\\
 +[[Finding HMP Prisoners]]\\
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