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The contract is poorly drafted but essentially you need to do 12 court attendances and 12 police station each year. On top of that you need to do an additional 12 attendances which can be a mix of police and or court attendances. The court attendances can be at the magistrates or crown court. Thats a total of 36 attendances each year.

But you also need to do 14 hours of relevant work. On top of that you need to do four police station duties each year. Bizarrely there is also a requirement that you do three police stations and three court attendances in each rolling month.

6.22 Your entitlement to deploy Duty Solicitors to undertake Duty Solicitor work and retain Duty Slots issued to you in their name under this Contract is dependent on them each:

a. undertaking at least two hours CPD annually on issues relevant to the law, practice and procedure in the Police Station or magistrates’ courts;

b. undertaking a minimum of 36 court hearings and Police Station attendances in each rolling 12 month period to include:

(i) a minimum of 12 magistrates’ court hearings;

(ii) a minimum of 12 Police Station attendances (excluding telephone advice); and

(iii) a further 12 hearings or attendances which may be made up of any combination of:

i. Crown Court hearings;

ii. magistrates’ court hearings;

iii. Police Station attendances; or

iv. magistrates’ court Duty Slots including the representation of at least one client

with at least three magistrates’ court or Crown Court hearings and at least three Police Station attendances in each rolling three month period; and

c. continuing to undertake Duty Solicitor work generally by, in each rolling 12 months period, undertaking Police Station Duty Solicitor attendances (excluding telephone advice) on no less than four Duty Slots allocated by us in that Duty Solicitor’s name.

6.23 Subject to Paragraph 6.24, all Duty Solicitors you use to obtain Duty Slots must undertake a minimum of 14 hours’ Contract Work for you per week from the Office for which those Duty Slots have been obtained.

6.24 The 14 hours’ requirement in Paragraph 6.23 will be measured on a rolling monthly basis to accommodate different working patterns.

There is a form here which should help:

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