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BVT LAST CHANCE! You must check you are on the list of accrredited reps or you will not be able to work. Please click the link, download the list and check you are on it. The deadline is 28th November 2014. If you are not on the database then you are not getting paid worse than that the LAA could claw back anything you have been paid. Get the list: HERE. BVT
LIST OF TOP TEN FIRMS... Who is pick of the pops, whos moving up the hit parade and who is sliding out? Take a look at how your firm has been doing onver the last few years. Its not being nosy its an academic interest in the profession, honest! CLICK HERE .
Our thoughts on "Transforming Legal Aid - The Next Steps" is here. If you want to know whats happening next do please take a moment to read this.
Take a look at our NEW & IMPROVED RepMap which we like to think elegantly demonstrates that we have reps all over England & Wales.
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If you are an Accredited Police Station Representative and would like to appear on our database of accredited police station representatives please click on the link above. You will be presented with a short form which you will need to complete. Whilst we are pleased that registration is currently free we can in no way guarantee that this will always be the case.

If you routinely look for accredited police station representatives please bookmark this page. Our advanced search engine will be able to find a Police Station Representatives in any area of the country quickly and easily. Finding accredited police station representatives will never have been so easy.

templateFree searchable database of accredited police station representatives. All the names listed have been checked against the LSC's register of accredited police station representatives.

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