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The PSR Rich List. Who are the fat cats in Criminal Law?

How much is your firm making? Every criminal firm is listed in our fascinating list which shows you just who is making what. Every criminal firm and how many cases they are covering.

Essential law for reps. Just the usefull stuff in plain English

Legal Updates aimed at police station reps not the dull stuff you get in CPD talks. Just the stuff you will actually use every day ...

Solicitor got a Caution after punching ex-cop!!

Richard Lacey, 58, swung an unprovoked ‘full force’ blow at fellow solicitor Kate Welch, 45, during a Christmas night out in Liverpool, splitting her lip and leaving her covered in blood.

Karen Todner fined £2K and SRA Rebuke for bouncing cheques

Karen Todner accepted bouncing cheques and was fined £2,000 penalty after failing to disclose financial troubles. She failed to report indicators of serious difficulty arising during 2012.

Cook Taylor have been shut by the SRA. Keith Tallon will be a bankrupt.

Keith Tallon, head of Cook Taylor Solicitors has confirmed that he has been suspended by the SRA and the firm is no longer trading. Mr Tallon says he was closed down for some dodgy dealings with the cleint accounts. He says he will now declare bankruptcy.

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This is what 1500 reps look like on a map. Where are all the Reps?

This map shows you where the reps are! The interactive map rather neatly shows just how well we cover the UK. Police stations and reps are on this interactive map...

How Much for an Interview? A complete list of all the police station rates.

What a police station attendance worth? Find out here with our complete list to the fees at all police stations in England & Wales...

Here come the cuts. You need to find £11 million to subsidise the underfunded LAA.

The LAA are going to pick your pocket. The legal aid paymasters are ever more underfunded and need to find £11 million savings.

The Bonfire of Legal Aid Forms. You only need to do the e14. Rejoice

CRM 14 and 15 are now obsolete. You only need the e14. Hooooorah. You still need to capture some finacial information though.

The 3 things every rep needs to know about mileage and how to claim it

Mileage claims are getting tougher as the LAA tighten its belt. Get up to speed with our short guide to what you can and cannot get away with...

No Comment covers every Police Station, Every Day. Covering the whole UK 247 and 365 its the biggest police station rep agency in the UK.

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The Escape Fee Calculator is easy to use and will save you plenty of time

Escape Fees are not easy work out. But our Escape Fee Calculator makes it a quick and painless task. No more headaches. Work out what the rep and firm will earn with ease...

Double Fees. The best Double Bubble guide on the web!

When can you claim two fees? A comprehensive and easy guide for when job can attract two fees. Its not easy but it can be done!...

10 Steps to Become a Police Station Rep. Everything you need to know.

Do you want to be a rep? Becoming a police station rep is easier than you may think. You don't have to be a solicitor or have a degree. Our guide will show you how...

Liz Truss struggling to cope. Is she out of her depth? The Minister for Justice is under pressure and flustered.

Liz Truss is under fire from all quarters. She is struggling to cope with prison problems and failed to back judges after the article 50 decision. We are happy that she is being kept busy and ignoring us!

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